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Dominican Sisters of the Trinity


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Mother Marie-Philomène

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icone“ We want to be true Dominicans”.

This aspiration came from the heart of a group of 13 Dominican Tertiaries attached to the Good Shepherd Community in Quebec, Canada and engaged in their domestic works in Seminaries. Among this group, we find Sr. Catherine Philomène Labrecque, (Mo. Marie de la Charité) who secretly nourished the dream of establishing the Dominican way of living the religious life in Quebec.



A glance at their history.

  • On August 30, 1887, the authorities of the Seminary of Quebec approved the admittance of the Dominican Tertiaries who wished to follow Sr. Catherine Philomène. They were 13 in number who made their formal entrance in the seminary on September 16, 1887. The new Congregation was then known as the Dominican Sisters of the Infant-Jesus.

  • On October 2, 1888, the Congregation was officially affiliated to the Order of Preachers. In 1914, they were given their autonomy from the Seminary . The Congregation then numbered 93 Sisters.

  • On June 30, 1902, five Sisters from Quebec City were sent to Three Rivers and following the decision of the Bishops of both Dioceses, this group formed an autonomous community bearing the name of the Dominican Sisters of the Rosary.

  • On January 18, 1967, a Decree from the Sacred Congregation of the Religious approved the union of both Congregations which was given the name of Dominican Sisters of the Trinity. This union reinforced more strongly the faith and spirit of the members of the


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ORATIO-LABOR, Prayer-Work is the Dominican of the Trinity version of the lofty Dominican ideal: “To contemplate and to give to others the fruits of the contemplated mysteries”. These two values were the ones chosen by Mother Philomène Labrecque as leitmotiv. These two words were not senseless ones for our Foundress who united both realities in a perfect harmony:

contemplation and action in the sphere of an intensive spiritual life with the duties of an exacting labor, at the time, unknown in Dominican congregations. The Dominicans of the Trinity are duty bound to spend an important part of their time in prayer while not forsaking the time allotted to work.


globeIn accordance with the spirit of St. Dominic, the contemplation of the mercy of God the Father and of His Word is at the heart of our vocation.

Through several charitable and educational activities we want to make the mercy of God the Father visible by bringing LIGHT and LOVE to children, to the sick and the unfortunate.

Mindful of the needs of the Church and of the signs of the times, we strive to incarnate the service of the Word in the awakening, the education and the fostering of the faith through collaboration with priests in their pastoral ministry.

As daughters of the Church and of St. Catherine of Siena, we have as ideal the realization of the prophetic function of the religious life: to proclaim everywhere, both by word and example, the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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